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Nearly eight years into Barack Obama’s race baiting of America, he’s finally achieved his goal. Open warfare against, what he believes is, an irretrievably racist white society.

After the shooting of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana, Obama couldn’t resist the opportunity to do what he does best. Divide the nation by race and class.

This was part of his reaction to the shootings:

“All of us as Americans should be troubled by these shootings,” he continued. “These are not isolated incidents, they are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

Instead of waiting for the facts to come in, Obama couldn’t resist the opportunity to push his favorite narrative.

But later, once the consequences of his words became clear, at least five officers gunned down in Dallas with seven more wounded (as well as two civilians), Obama changed his tone, calling the police shootings “despicable.” But his prior words, like birds, can’t be called back once let loose. (Thank you mom.)

And to be sure Obama’s words have had consequences. One of the shooters wanted to, “kill as many white people as possible.”

Dallas Cops
Photo courtesy: Maria R. Olivas/Dallas Morning News

The president has assured the nation justice would be done. A hard sell after Hillary Clinton’s non-indictment for indictable offenses.

But never wasting a crisis, Obama wasn’t quite done. He wouldn’t be the political creature he is without pushing an agenda born of tragedy.

“Today is a wrenching reminder of the sacrifices they make for us,” Obama said of law enforcement officers. “We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic.”

Out of the other side of the president’s mouth Obama said he wanted Friday to “focus is on the victims and their families.”

“Focus on the families,” simply means change the narrative.

In an election year where Americans are worried about their safety and security, the killing of five police officers is political poison for Obama and his party. Spelled H-I-L-L-A-R-Y.

That’s why we’re hearing frantic calls from media to “not politicize,” Dallas.

If only someone had told Jesse Jackson, who couldn’t wait to blame… who else? Donald Trump!

You can’t have it both ways. The president’s surrogates have pushed the racist cop narrative so hard that demonstrators have called for violence. Why wouldn’t you if your leaders have convinced you police don’t care about your life?

But remember this video? Black Lives Matter led the New York street marches after police killed a black man in Staten Island. The chants of the crowd are clear. They want “dead cops.” They want “dead cops now.”

Yesterday, without all the facts, cable news fanned the flames of resentment for ratings. Emotion sells. Especially if it’s politically correct emotion. How could they so soon forget how wrong they were about Ferguson?

Photo courtesy: CNN

Look at what über-liberal Jonathan Capehart said about the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the false narrative that was pushed for months.

It’s time for media and Barack Obama to shut up and allow the system to work. It doesn’t always work, but it’s still the best legal system around.

The racial resentment they both foment just came back to bite them on their collective asses. It isn’t doing the nation any good either.

There’s a saying in journalism that applies to everything. “It’s more important to be right, than to be first.”

The deaths of five police officers in Dallas should be the turning point where media decides it isn’t going to report speculation and rancid, self-serving political opinions, especially in emotionally charged stories. I doubt it will be.

And as I mentioned above, media have already put out the message that this is not a time to politicize tragedy. Too bad they didn’t think of that yesterday.


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6 thoughts on “Dallas”

  1. Insightful and well-written. You have the media down and they suffer from the same problem that President Obama suffers from.

    President Obama’s character structure and ideology reflect a misguided attempt to compensate for the wounds of his childhood. Being abandoned by a father can easily result in a sense of diminished confidence in your masculinity and cause you to seek out substitute father figures to help you deal with your pain.

    Obama’s compensatory father figures run the gamut from his Marxist grandfather and Marxist mentor to his well-intentioned stepfather in Indonesia who acquainted him with Islam.

    Later on in life, it appears that Reverend Wright served that function as well.

    All of these compensatory father-figures were bearers of highly flawed approaches to the problem of manhood and the problem of being a human being in the world.

    There is a story in the Talmud concerning how and why Satan ended up in hell. Essentially God created the universe and created Satan who loved God above all things. Then God created Man and breathed some of himself into man. He then told Satan that Satan had to bow before Man as well because God was present in Man.

    But Satan refused to Bow before Man saying that Man was not God. So God consigned Satan to hell where Satan consoles himself by repeating the words of the curse to himself, as it was his last contact with the being he loved the most, God.

    This story, more than any story I know, points at the heart of narcissism and self-exaltation and points to how narcissism and self exaltation remove you from God, ironically, even as it is God that you worship as the highest being.

    That’s the story of Obama.

    His inability to bow before us and respect the Divine aspect of the people he disagrees with, the people he doesn’t seem to care about when they are killed, the people he sees as just the statistics Stalin referred to, they don’t really count. “They are not God”.

    His side however is the absolute embodiment of the divinity. The Marxism and he learned and the Islam he absorbed and became sympathetic to are two great examples of political philosophy and religion that do not recognize the Divinity in others.

    They fit him and the left in general to a “T”.


      1. Very welcome.

        Learned about this stuff as a result of being ex-Cath, ex-Atheis, primal, Jung, Reich and so on…but what really got me into this was teaching ESL to that Italian Jungian, Dr Adriana Mazzeralla, the one who wrote about Dante and his Divine Comedy.

        I remember reading and rereading the Italian word “esaltazione di se” over and over again… Despite being really proficient in Italian at that point (more than six years in Italy), I could neither properly pronounce the word to myself nor could I really just have its meaning pop into mind.

        LOL. Eventually, “repeated exposure”…it stuck. Self-exaltation. Wasn’t sure for quite a while that it was such a central concept for understanding so much of what we do and don’t do in life.

        See, you are different. Somehow, let’s credit your own temperament and your religious education and your parents, got you to grow up, from what I can tell, with a point-of-view that has a center of the psyche outside of the ego.

        In other words, you have a “natural” sense of the humanity of others and you seek not to violate it.

        But, the entire intellectual world now-a-days is exactly like Dante lost in the woods. Got lost with his three “animals”: the wolf, the lion and the lynx.

        Dr Mazzeralla explained that the wolf represented the intellect. She used the word for “cunning”…”scaltrezza”. Rome was founded by brothers suckled by their She-wold mom. Much more to be said about that. The lion represented the passions and the lynx the physical body.

        Dante was lost in mid-life because his “animals”, his instinctual intellect, passion and physicality were not integrated into the greater psyche and therefor commanded him in an unconscionable manner and one inclined to leave him “lost in the woods”.

        The media is, of course, of the intellectual class, though it is the “high-middle brow” version, not people on the level of a Freud or a Jung.

        Right now, they have become “lost in the woods”, proponents of Cultural Marxism, and, as such, actually are prey to complexes against the kind of objective morality that I know you and I and many others carry with us.

        This pseudo-morality, with its myriad rationales, permits them to avoid ever “having to say they’re sorry”..the best kind of self-“love”.

        Many books have been written on this.. Christopher Lasch’s Revolt of the Elite being one of the best. I have two books on my shelves with titles like The Opium of the Intellectuals and The Treason of the Intellectuals.

        No wonder, then, you have opposition.


  2. Thank you carl Gottlieb for telling the truth. Its time for all of us to take a stand against this insanity. I am 70 years old , and for all of us who grew up in the real world of racism this is a sad day. Obama has destroyed all that we worked to overcome. It only took him and his followers 8 years to destroy what we worked a lifetime to build. We all need to pray to god for mercy on this nation.

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  3. Obama has made some terrible decisions as president but you can’t blame the actions of one individual to the president of your Country, thats not logical. Your Country has a huge problem with gun control and violence, and has had this problem for years. The US doesn’t care about its ex-soldiers, ignores the mentally unstable, pushes prescribed medication and thinks upholding the constitution trumps the sanctity of human life. You restrict guns, you restrict violence. Racism hasn’t been a problem in Obama’s era its a big part of American history and is still an issue now. There are bigger contributing factors to why incidents like this occur so frequently in the US.


    1. Thanks for your comments. While some of what you say is true, it doesn’t justify shooting police.
      The president has consistently, through surrogates and strawman arguments, tried to attach every grievance to his political agenda of the moment. The media have carried his water, despite being slapped around like compliant fools.
      As for guns? We have the 2nd Amendment in the US. We also have due process, which is also in the Bill Of Rights. I’m not ready to give up either. Thanks again for reading.


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